Museum Box

I ran across an interesting web site today. It’s named Museum Box. Here is a screen shot of a well-done museum box:

Screen shot of a sample project from Museum Box
In order to use Museum Box, you’ll need to register your school, and register yourself as the administrator for your school’s site. There will be a delay of a few days, during which time your school may receive a phone call to verify your identity. But once that is done you can build your own museum boxes and have students build them for projects.

Your museum box sections can include text, images, sounds, videos–pretty much anything you can imagine. There is a resource section for teachers. They also provide an extensive gallery of images that you can use, and (of course) you can upload files from your own computer.

I haven’t built any boxes yet. I’m still waiting for my identity to be verified. But I am looking forward to experimenting with the site.

Be sure to share your opinions about the site, links to any museum boxes you create, and ideas for how the site might be used.